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CVE Tapezine

Place of Origin:
Pinner and Northwood, Middlesex, U.K.

Ian Garrard and Geoff Connal

Distribution Media:
Audio Cassette

Tape Lengths:
#1-2: C90

In Production: 1984-85

Issues Produced: 2

CVE Tapezine was a short-lived production hailing from the Middlesex area of the UK that left listeners wanting more. Under the auspices of Ian Garrard and Geoff Connal, the tapezine ran to two issues, the first launching in October 1984, with the second unleashed in May 1985.

The first tape leaned heavily towards the Jon Pertwee years, with features on Robert Holmes' Pertwee era stories, a look at The Time Warrior and an examination of the roles of the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith in The Five Doctors. There was also time to look at Season 21 and to discuss how the American influence was affecting Doctor Who.

Issue Two of CVE Tapezine took a nostalgic look at the Patrick Troughton years, featuring items concerning The Macra Terror, the "classic lost adventure" The Tomb of the Cybermen (well, it was lost then!) and a look at Troughton's other Cybermen tales. The Tomb piece was written and recorded by John Marsh of Unit Tapezine - another example of the cross fertilisation in Doctor Who tapezine production. Also discussed were the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (a favourite subject for tapezines!) and the ramifications of the BBC's suspension of Doctor Who, which was obviously a very hot topic indeed at the time.