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Other Tapezines

Unfortunately, like Doctor Who episodes, some tapezines are lost forever in the mists of time. Some saw general release, others were recorded and distributed among small circles of friends, while a few never even got that far. In many cases, these tapezines will never be heard and in some cases, their editors and producers may never be traced. But here, for the sake of posterity, are a few scant details on the tapezines that either didn't quite make it or have simply fallen off the radar. The Tapezine Matrix raises a celebratory glass to...

  • A.L.B.O.E.:
    or 'A Little Bit of Everything'
    Produced by Paul Chandler, this one-off tapezine covered Doctor Who and other genre television series. Made in 1989.

  • Death Zone and DZFM:
    Produced and edited by Keith Musselwhite. DZFM (C-60), produced in January 1990, was devised as the Doctor Who equivalent of an afternoon radio show. It contained features and a Deborah Watling interview by Elaine Bull, all backed by a continuous flow of pop music tracks. Musselwhite's presentation is very much in the style of a traditional disc jockey.

  • Ergon:
    An early attempt by Nick Goodman of Rayphase Shift which was wiped, never to be heard by fandom or its real star - Nick's cat.

  • The Faceless Ones:
    Produced and edited by Nicholas Williams of Banbury, Oxon.

  • Flashpoint
    One issue of Flashpoint was recorded in 1987. It was a co production between Warren Langdown and Keith Musselwhite. Featured various reviews by Langdown and Musselwhite with additional contributions from Andrew Trowbridge, Paul Chandler and Nick Goodman. Side A was produced by Langdown and Side B by Musselwhite. Included a review on fan tapezines by Andrew Trowbridge, but this pilot tapezine is wiped presumed lost, sadly.

  • Future Worlds:
    Mentioned in David Balston's tapezine review on Zero Room 7.

  • Inferno:
    Mentioned in David Balston's tapezine review on Zero Room 7 - supposedly "inaudible".

  • Meglos:
    Another Keith Musselwhite production.

  • The S.F.O.W. Express:
    Produced by the Salisbury Federation of Whovians, a DWAS Local Group, this ran to at four issues and infamously contained the audio play, Genesis of the Wogans. This was serialised over the first three issues, with a follow-up Revenge of the Robbies appearing in the final issue. In production terms, the first issue was produced by Andrew Wink, the second and third by Warren Langdown and Andrew Trowbridge and the fourth by Keith Musselwhite.

  • Sonic Force:
    The 'pilot' version of Alan Hayes and Paul Hewson's Sonic Waves. Similar, but with a duff moniker!

  • Who's Company:
    One-off tapezine produced by Andy Ching.

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