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Place of Origin:
Surbiton, Surrey, U.K.

David J. Howe

Distribution Media:
Audio Cassette

Tape Lengths:
#1-2: C60

In Production: 1983

Issues Produced: 2 (2nd issue never released)

In 1983, David J. Howe, tsar of the DWAS' Reference Department and editor of the highly respected printed fanzine, Oracle, came to produce the first ever Doctor Who tapezine. Recorded in the gap between the closure of Oracle and the launch of its equally celebrated follow-up, The Frame, Dr. Who: Tapezine represented something completely new in Doctor Who fandom.

Dr. Who: Tapezine Issue 1 featured an interview with Mary Tamm, a history of the Cybermen, a quiz and a record spot which comprised Dudley Simpson's The World of Doctor Who (a great music track of Dudley's incidentals from The Mind of Evil) and two novelty singles, Who is Doctor Who? by Fraser Hines and Who's Who by Roberta Tovey, the feature film Susan. In many cases, this would have been some fans' first opportunity to hear these tracks.

A second issue was recorded, but ultimately not issued.

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