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Time Listener

Place of Origin:
Southampton, Hampshire, U.K.

William Baggs

Distribution Media:
Audio Cassette

Tape Lengths:
#1: C90

In Production: 1984

Issues Produced: 1

Just like Trakenites' Times before it, The Time Listener lasted but a single issue. The Time Listener was in fact an audio off-shoot from a standard fanzine, Time Watcher, which had been devised and edited by David Stead. Stead produced three issues, culminating in a Jon Pertwee Special. At this point, he handed the reins over to fellow Hampshire Local Group member, William Baggs, who confusingly began his editorship with another third issue of Time Watcher.

William elected to produce his first issue in two formats - in print and on audio - resulting in readers of the Celestial Toyroom DWAS newsletter being invited to buy The Time Listener cassette alongside Issue 3 of Time Watcher.

Released in September 1984, The Time Listener 1 was billed as 'the first truly hi-fi tape' and featured an interview with Doctor Who producer, John Nathan-Turner, who was coaxed into revealing a few tidbits concerning the upcoming twenty-second season. Sections of this interview were also published in the accompanying edition of Time Watcher.

The Time Listener came to a natural conclusion after this issue when William Baggs became the driving force behind the popular series of Doctor Who audio plays produced by Audio Visuals, a non-profit making fan organisation. The first play, The Space Wail, was issued in December 1984 and the series continued to thrive under William's stewardship for four years. William subsequently formed BBV (Bill and Ben Video) which produces professional standard original video and audio productions featuring Doctor Who actors and actresses.

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