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A History of Dr Who
Dr. Who: Tapezine
Zero Room
The Logopolitan
UNIT Tapezine
Trakenites' Times
The Time Listener
CVE Tapezine
Sonic Waves
The Master Tape
Tranquil Repose
CT of Death
Rayphase Shift
Time Trace
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Doctor Who 2000
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The Tapezine Matrix is researched, written, designed, maintained and Copyright Alan Hayes.

Doctor Who is Copyright BBC Television. No attempt to infringe the BBC's copyrights is intended.


This timeline of tapezine production is not (yet!) exhaustive, but represents the information that The Tapezine Matrix has been able to confirm. As new information comes to light, it will be updated. Readers will notice that some issues of tapezines are not included when subsequent ones are. This is because we have not been able to confirm months of publications for all issues at present.

1976   A History of Dr. Who in production
1977   A History of Dr. Who issued as competition prize in TARDIS fanzine
1978    -
1979    -
1980    -
1981    -
1982    -
1983 Apr Zero Room 1 printed fanzine issued
May Dr. Who: Tapezine 1 issued
Jun Zero Room 2: Audio Fanzine 1 issued
Aug Zero Room 2 issued
Oct Zero Room 3 issued
Nov Wotan issued
1984 Jan Zero Room 4 issued
Feb Son of Wotan issued
Mar Zero Room 5 issued
The Logopolitan 1 issued
May House of Wotan issued
UNIT Tapezine 1 issued
Zero Room 6 issued
Jun Trakenites' Times 1 issued
Jul The Logopolitan 2 issued
Aug UNIT Tapezine 2 issued
Sep Sonic Waves 'early warning' advert appears in Celestial Toyroom
Time Listener 1 issued
Oct The Wotan File issued
CVE Tapezine 1 issued
Nov The Logopolitan 3 issued
Dec Sonic Waves 1 issued
UNIT Tapezine 3 issued
1985 Jan Zero Room 7 issued
Mar Sonic Waves 2 issued
May CVE Tapezine 2 issued
Renegade 1 issued
Sonic Waves 3: Season 22 Special issued
Jul UNIT Tapezine 4 issued
Aug The Logopolitan 4 issued
Oct Sonic Waves 4 issued
1986 Jan Sonic Waves 5: Leisure Hive II Special issued
Apr UNIT Tapezine 5 issued
Jul The Master Tape 1 issued
Sep Sonic Waves 6 issued
Dec The Master Tape 2 issued
1987 Mar Sonic Waves Media Magazine issued
May The Master Tape 3 issued
Tranquil Repose 1 issued
Jun Spectrox 5 tape supplement to printed fanzine issued
Aug Tranquil Repose 2 issued
Oct The Master Tape 4 issued
Tranquil Repose 3 issued
1988 Jan The Master Tape 5 issued
Tranquil Repose 4 issued
Jun The Master Tape 6 issued
Tranquil Repose 5 issued
Sep CT of Death 1 issued
Nov The Master Tape 7 issued
Tranquil Repose 6 issued
1989 Feb The Master Tape 8 issued
Mar Time Trace 1: Hartnell Special issued
Time Trace 2: Troughton Special issued

Tranquil Repose 7 issued
May CT of Death 2 issued
1990 Feb The Master Tape 10 issued
Time Trace 3: Pertwee Special issued
May The Master Tape 11 issued
Dec The Master Tape 12 issued
1991    -
1992 Jun The Master Tape 15 issued
Dec Spotlight 1 issued
1993 Jan The Master Tape 17 issued
Apr Season Specials: Season 7 issued
May The Master Tape 18 issued
Jul Spotlight 3 issued
Sep The Master Tape 19 issued
Spotlight 4
Dec The Master Tape 20 issued
1994 Jan 30th Anniversary Audio Tape Special issued
Spotlight 6 issued
Mar The Master Tape 21 issued
Spotlight 7 issued
May Spotlight 8 issued
Jul The Faceless Ones issued
Spotlight 9 issued
Sep Spotlight 10 issued
1995 Jan Spotlight 11 issued
May Spotlight 12 issued
Aug Spotlight 13 issued
Oct Spotlight 14 issued
1996 Mar The Master Tape 22 issued
Apr Spotlight 15 issued
Jun The Master Tape 23 issued
1997 Aug The Master Tape 24 issued
1998    -
1999    -
2000 Sep Sonic Waves 1 CD remaster - limited circulation
Oct Sonic Waves 2 CD remaster - limited circulation
Nov Sonic Waves 3 CD remaster - limited circulation
Dec Sonic Waves 5 CD remaster - limited circulation
2001 Mar Sonic Waves 4 CD remaster - limited circulation
Jun Sonic Waves 6 CD remaster - limited circulation
2002    -
2003    -
2004    -
2005    -
2006    -
2007 Dec The Tapezine Matrix website launches at The Whoniverse (31st)


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