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Trakenites' Times

Place of Origin:
Long Eaton, Nottingham, U.K.

John L. Anderson

Distribution Media:
Audio Cassette

Tape Lengths:
#1: C60

In Production: 1984

Issues Produced: 1

There was just a one-off appearance for Trakenites' Times, which was billed as a "Dr. Who cassettezine", published in June 1984 by J. Anderson of Nottingham. The solitary edition featured an audio interview with Colin Baker plus a "radio interview" featuring a Trakenites' Times reporter and David Saunders, the DWAS Co-ordinator at the time. The tapezine also featured original fiction and items on such varied subjects as the DWAS, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the monsters of the Peter Davison era of Doctor Who.