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Unit Tapezine

Place of Origin:
Pontefract, West Yorkshire, U.K.

John and David Marsh

Distribution Media:
Audio Cassette

Tape Lengths:
#1-5: C90

In Production: 1984-86

Issues Produced: 5

UNIT Tapezine was from the North of England and rightly proud of the fact. Brothers John and David Marsh of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, were at the helm for the duration and from Issue 2, they were joined by friends, Paul and Rob, who contributed fiction and reviews. Paul and Rob recall that, "we weren't blessed with a Big Finish recording suite - in our situation, it was two lads, a creaky old tape recorder with single mike and a trusty BBC sound effects LP. Ha! But, we did have quite a bit of enthusiasm - it was fun at the time to be entering the heady world of Doctor Who fandom".

UNIT Tapezine was notable for its forthright views and no-nonsense approach. Not one of the better tapezines in terms of audio fidelity - UNIT was often somewhat wanting in this area - but the content and editorial style always made for an entertaining and unique listen.

The fifth issue was not intended to be the end for UNIT Tapezine, although John and David had planned to step down after finishing work on it. "We took over duplication and distribution for Issue 5," say Paul and Rob, "and then we were to assume the editorial post from Issue 6. We even recorded a 'regeneration scene' for the handover of editorship! However, we had got so much into writing the fiction, our 15 year old fanboy mindsets decided the world of tapezines wasn't enough - we wanted to write proper Doctor Who for television. So with dreams of television work, convention invites, you name it, UNIT edition 6 hastily went into the 'pending' tray (it's probably still there) and the brand vanished overnight."