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Tapezine Matrix: What's New?

Sunday 20th July 2008: Another former tapezine editor, Alastair Hooley, co-producer of CT of Death, has kindly written a piece for the site, which has been added today. Visitors can read his recollections on the CT of Death page, which also contains a link to Alastair's homepage. Among other things, the complete Issue 1 of the tapezine is available there for download.

Monday 14th July 2008: A couple of updates tonight related to Spotlight tapezine. Thanks to Elaine Musselwhite for contributing an amusing and engaging piece about her time producing the cassettes, and all the editions of Spotlight that we've been able to date have been added to the Timeline.

Sunday 9th March 2008: After the huge flurry of activity that went with launching the site, I have typically been rather sidetracked by professional commitments for the past few months and hence the gap between updates. New today is a lovely review by Nick Goodman, one-time editor of the audiozine Rayphase Shift which says exceptionally nice things about one particular issue of my own audiozine, Sonic Waves. I didn't pay him, honest!

Sunday 11th November 2007: Site launches. Well, quietly for now... but from now on, updates will be noted here. Today I've added Wotan co-editor, David Myers' recollections about producing the tapezine with his brother, Andrew, entitled Lust for Wotan. Also added recently and of particular note are J. Jeremy Bentham's fascinating account of the making of A History of Dr. Who, Nick Goodman's lighthearted look at producing his Rayphase Shift tapezine and Neil Hogan's account of the production of Doctor Who 2000. Thanks to all these kind and enthusiastic gentlemen and to everyone else who has helped get this website off the ground. Please see End Credits for the roll call of those to whom I owe my thanks.